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Interview: Francios Van Coke & Albert Frost

These two need no introduction. They have collectively been rocking South Africa for over 14 years, and 2017 has been great to both of them. Albert Frost released, “The Wake Up” last year, and walked away with a prestigious SAMA award this year for best rock album, while Francios Van Coke has numerous projects on the go: Fokofpolisiekar just dropped their new album, he played the last nationwide tour with Van Coke Kartel, and his solo career couldn’t be stronger. Now, on the 27th of September 2017, these 2 legends come together with the rest of the Blood Brothers crew, to rock out for a great cause – “to unite as one to battle against the terrible cancer disease, in support of the Vrede Foundation”. 

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Interview: Trancemicsoul

Trancemicsoul, is a legend! His mixes got me through some hard times in 2016, and seeing him live in Johannesburg and Cape Town, made me realise how big of a career he has ahead of him. With his love for house music and techno, he has infused the two, and the result is insane. It will undoubtedly get anyone on the dancefloor moving. Basically, he induces an uncontrollable urge just to move to the beat. His mixes are a true musical journey, that will uplift your soul, and ultimately your overall mood. The mix that I have listened to repeatedly, and that caught my attention, was filmed by Militia Broadcast, for Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, and trust me when I say – you WANT to watch this.

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Interview: Moonchild Sanelly

I remember it was like yesterday – Johannesburg, 1 Fox Street, September 2016 – this vibrant energy came on stage, my attention shifted and I was glued to the stage for the next 45 minutes. It was electrifying! It could have been the best performance I saw live in 2016. I met her yet again at an event in 2017 and yet again, she stole the show! So it was no surprise that when the lineup for Grietfest dropped, I took the opportunity to interview Moonchild Sanelly in an instant. One thing I know for sure, come next week Saturday at Grietfest, don’t miss this amazing lady on stage. 

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Win tickets to Grietfest 2017

Oh yes, Olmeca Tequila presents Grietfest is back for its 7th year, and this promises to be more of a banger than last! There have been a lot of lineups announced for the South African festival season but this is one party you do not want to miss in 2017. The crew at Griet have worked endlessly to craft an eargasmic lineup, and who knows how they will pimp the venue before the 26th August, to give you the ultimate party experience. 

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Q&A – TesseracT

Two days remain before TesseracT take the stage for the first time in South Africa! Yes, the time is finally now, the place is actually now, and our faces our finally about to be melted.

If you don’t know about this, or you don’t know who the band are, please don’t worry your pretty, little head about it; you’ve clearly been living in isolation for far too long.

We got shot these answers this morning (shortly after TesseracT landed in our fair country). James Monteith was kind enough to forsake some in-flight entertainment, and indulge us with a Q&A picking session of his brain.

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Lighthouse Festival 2017 _ South Africa


The biggest thing of the year is coming to Cape Town! To put it simply, “Light House Festival Croatia”, is a leading global iconic electronic music extravaganza. You spend days watching music icon perform after music icon, perform after music icon, and just one year after local house hero Black Coffee featured in Croatia, we finally see Lighthouse Festival travel to South African shores! To add to this excitement; this is the first time that LHF is being hosted outside of Croatia. 

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Interview: Newtown Knife Gang

I am possibly one of the biggest fans of Newtown Knife Gang, I may even be a borderline groupie (I call it man love). When ‘Listen’ dropped in 2011 I was excited AF to see the guys back on stage and this time with a new frontman, Spencer Martin. Their self-titled debut album was a success and we saw the band playing shows all over South Africa and in 2016 things were no different. They released their latest single ‘Crossroads’, which was playlisted on national radio and this allowed the band to extend their reach on a more mainstream level.

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2K17 – Prince Of Zamunda

Out with the old and in with the new. 2017 is still in its infancy stages but if the quality of music continues, then we are set for another stellar year in South Africa’s Hip Hop industry.

The boys from Raw X Studios are at it again with ADVO finally releasing Prince Of Zamunda, as their official single leading up to their upcoming EP, Zamunda Republic. The song features Tommy FLO, Confi & Ben Best, bringing their A-game with witty lyrics on a haunting beat designed by longtime collaborator, Bi4ocal. 

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Interview: 13th Empire

It has been years in the making but with hard work and many hours invested, by each member, the world finally gets introduced to 13th Empire! What I can only describe as progressive metal, with melodic riffs and a sweet undertone, these dudes have come to make an impact in the music world. Still not sure what the hype is all about, check out the video below for “CASCADE”.

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