Interview: Akio

We caught up with one of the creative minds behind Kool Out Lounge and DJ, Akio, to discuss his road to success, and pick his mind about some industry topics that have many divided opinions.

Lalelani: How long have you been a hip hop DJ?

Akio: Professionally, only since 2008. I started first DJing back in 2002 and continued as a side hustle while I was a student. I was raised to believe that I should go the practical route by getting my undergraduate degree, work on a Masters, and then join the workforce. Entertainment was never really viewed as a viable career path. It was only after the success of Kool Out Lounge that I decided to pursue it full time.

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Interview: New Hero

Is it a bird? Is a plane? Nooooo! It’s NEW HERO! That’s right folks, we caught up with the music industry’s NEW super-powered HERO’s, to discuss their origin story and their plans to eradicate the tyranny of the industry’s vile villains. In-case you don’t know, or have been living under a rock in the middle of Timbuktu, NEW HERO is the dynamic duo that comprises of Keaton Carelse, aka “Grimehouse“, and Scottie Moore, the lead singer of “REBURN“. “NEW HERO is non genre specific, armed only with the common goal of creating music that takes you on a journey to make you feel good”. Ok, enough of the riff-raff, check out the interview.

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New EP: Chron Burgundy x Huck Finn – New Rap City

Wassup my Mzanzi peeps,

I know it’s been a minute, but I came out of the shadows to give ya’ll some of that crack that ya’ll been fiending for. We have been chronicling Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn’s recent journey building up to the release of their debut EP “New Rap City”, and guess what folks…. It’s finally arrived!!!!

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Interview: Newtown Knife Gang

I am possibly one of the biggest fans of Newtown Knife Gang, I may even be a borderline groupie (I call it man love). When ‘Listen’ dropped in 2011 I was excited AF to see the guys back on stage and this time with a new frontman, Spencer Martin. Their self-titled debut album was a success and we saw the band playing shows all over South Africa and in 2016 things were no different. They released their latest single ‘Crossroads’, which was playlisted on national radio and this allowed the band to extend their reach on a more mainstream level.

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Review: Francois Van Coke – Hierdie Is Die Lewe

A lot has changed since Francois Van Coke dropped his debut solo album in 2015. We’ve seen him dominate local newspaper headlines (for positive reasons nowadays), pack out venues, become a household name, and recently a father. It is pretty safe to say that Francois is a man that welcomes change, and Hierdie Is Die Lewe (HIDL) is no different.

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Interview: Our Last Night

It’s 2017, and we’re all trying to shake off the festive season, and get back into the monotonous day-to-day routines of life. As soul destroying as that might be, there are bigger issues in the world, and there’s one that is currently plaguing Mzanzi as we speak, Rhino poaching/extinction. Don’t fret, if we ALL do our little bit, we can change the tides and make sure future generations can have the privilege of witnessing a Rhino in its natural habitat. Our Last Night, an international band from Hollis, New Hampshire, U.S.A, have decided to take it upon themselves to play their part in fighting the good fight, and are playing at this years Rocking For Rhinos 2017 for MAHALA (therefore the Rand-Dollar exchange rate won’t be an issue). We caught up with Alex Woodrow aka Woody, and discussed their upcoming S.A tour while getting to know them a little better.

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5 Reasons to attend Krank’d Up 2016

Krank’d Up is headed for its fourth iteration this year, and it promises to be bigger and better than ever. ?With acts from all over the country, as well as two US based heavyweights, this festival truly has become a staple in the South African music calendar. If you still need convincing, here are 5 reasons that you had better get your ass to Krank’d Up 2016.

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