New Release: Power Of Thought – “The Boom Bap Bandit” EP

Knowledge is Power, and for all my hungry head’s, here’s some food for Thought. P.O.T’s – “The Boom Bap Bandit” EP was dropped recently, and as Biggie once infamously said, “If you don’t know, now you know, NIGGAH!!!”.

If you consider yourself a “head”, and somewhat of a local Hip Hop aficionado, then you most certainly have come across the Boom Bap Bandit himself, Power Of Thought. As one half of the duo, Articulate Artists, the homie P.O.T has been a staple of the indie/underground Hip Hop diet. A few years back, he dropped his debut solo mixtape, “Dope Joints For POTheads”, and has since been an iconic torchbearer for the West Rand.

Music video – Bhadala Baba feat. Anti-Bullshit

The Boom Bap Bandit is an eight track EP, which features the production of Empne, Anno Domini Beats, and P.O.T himself. But wait…. There’s more! On the one’s and two’s, he’s got cuts by Sizzor Hands, Tha Cutt, and once again, himself (is there anything he can’t do?). As far as featured artists go, he’s enlisted the services of Anti-Bullshit, Dice Mark, Safari, and drum roll please…. Diabolic (as in THE Diabolic). Now before I continue, if the aforementioned information doesn’t induce a sense of jealously, and a compulsive necessity to cop that shit, then you my friend, have no business in our “real” Hip Hop discussion.As always, P.O.T brings the heat and exhibits the qualities that are essential to transcending the everyday riff-raff we encounter on a regular basis. Each individual that was chosen to be a part of this project, adds something unique, and was meticulously selected to compliment his expression of the art form that he lives and breathes.

The Boom Bap Bandit EP is available for streaming on Soundcloud, or for download on Bandcamp, for the low price of $5 (Shout out to Ramaphosa for strengthening the Rand). Make sure you check it out, and support a local artist who’s putting in the work.

Mad love from the underground.



For more info check out:

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New EP: Chron Burgundy x Huck Finn – New Rap City

Wassup my Mzanzi peeps,

I know it’s been a minute, but I came out of the shadows to give ya’ll some of that crack that ya’ll been fiending for. We have been chronicling Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn’s recent journey building up to the release of their debut EP “New Rap City”, and guess what folks…. It’s finally arrived!!!!

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Lighthouse Festival 2017 _ South Africa


The biggest thing of the year is coming to Cape Town! To put it simply, “Light House Festival Croatia”, is a leading global iconic electronic music extravaganza. You spend days watching music icon perform after music icon, perform after music icon, and just one year after local house hero Black Coffee featured in Croatia, we finally see Lighthouse Festival travel to South African shores! To add to this excitement; this is the first time that LHF is being hosted outside of Croatia. 

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2K17 – Prince Of Zamunda

Out with the old and in with the new. 2017 is still in its infancy stages but if the quality of music continues, then we are set for another stellar year in South Africa’s Hip Hop industry.

The boys from Raw X Studios are at it again with ADVO finally releasing Prince Of Zamunda, as their official single leading up to their upcoming EP, Zamunda Republic. The song features Tommy FLO, Confi & Ben Best, bringing their A-game with witty lyrics on a haunting beat designed by longtime collaborator, Bi4ocal. 

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One Source hits the #1 spot

Is he back? Oh yes, he is! Khuli Chana resurfaced back to our attention spans with a brand new song release and music video called “One Source”. In fact, this is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. The music video is comparable to accomplished cinematic work?and tells a unique story of Khuli’s new found confidence and mind state as he refocuses his lens beyond Mzansi to Africa.?

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In Retrospect: Scrambles 4 Money – “Talk is Cheap 4”

On Saturday, Scrambles 4 Money – “Talk is Cheap 4” happened, and as depressed as I was for not being able to make it, we enlisted the help of another soldier of the streets to check it out and let us know how it all went down. Not only is he a general pushing the local underground/independent scene, as well as a prolific local emcee, but has battled in the Scrambles circuit and is highly respected in the scene. With no longer adieu, I introduce to you Anti-Bullshit aka Da HIP HOPrenuer. So homie, tell us how it all went down.

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New EP: S!ck – “Reincarnation – Forgotten Scripts”

We live in an age where music and the essence of artistry, has been watered-down and corrupted corporate agenda’s. If video killed the radio star, commercial platforms …. killed artistic expression… Well almost. There’s an army of independant Hip Hop artists around the world that refuse to conform to the music industry, and challenge the current status quo. One of the soldiers on the frontline of the war between real/plastic, Hip Hop/ Hip Pop, fighting the good fight, is my man S!ck.

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