Review: Francois Van Coke – Hierdie Is Die Lewe

A lot has changed since Francois Van Coke dropped his debut solo album in 2015. We’ve seen him dominate local newspaper headlines (for positive reasons nowadays), pack out venues, become a household name, and recently a father. It is pretty safe to say that Francois is a man that welcomes change, and Hierdie Is Die Lewe (HIDL) is no different.

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In Retrospect: One Night in Cape Town

It boils down to – 3 nights, 2 international acts that was, ‘One Night in Cape Town’. This year Hilltop decided to do things differently and I think they nearly hit it out the park. I sadly missed the Kongos show on the Friday night but from what I have heard, the artists were amazing, the sound was lacking slightly and the crowds didn’t show up in numbers like expected (they were competing against a sold out Fokof show), but the setup and venue were top class – and if you have been to Durbanville quarry, you’ll know why. Could possibly be one of my favourite venues down here in Cape Town.?

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In Retrospect: Oppikoppi 2016

Trekking dust into my living room, tent bag in one hand, fragmented parts of my soul in the other, I take stock of the weekend that passed. The lovely young were taken to the Unsea; some only splashed in the shallow end, others may have drowned, but ultimately everyone got a little wet.

We’ll take a brief, day by day, blow by blow look at our voyage through the Unsea.

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In Retrospect – #SAMA22 on TV

In previous years I had never made a fuss to watch the SAMAs. Normally I could just wake up the next morning after a big night out and read the news online or in the papers and know who the biggest artists in South Africa are, Simple.

Now, with being a part of Lalelani, it’s in my best interest to watch award ceremonies like the SAMAs to be able to criticise or applaud any aspect, if any. So on Saturday night we switched off our movie at 7:40 and switched over to SABC1 and watch the last of the red carpet and see the opening act of the #SAMA22.

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