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Interview: Francios Van Coke & Albert Frost

These two need no introduction. They have collectively been rocking South Africa for over 14 years, and 2017 has been great to both of them. Albert Frost released, “The Wake Up” last year, and walked away with a prestigious SAMA award this year for best rock album, while Francios Van Coke has numerous projects on the go: Fokofpolisiekar just dropped their new album, he played the last nationwide tour with Van Coke Kartel, and his solo career couldn’t be stronger. Now, on the 27th of September 2017, these 2 legends come together with the rest of the Blood Brothers crew, to rock out for a great cause – “to unite as one to battle against the terrible cancer disease, in support of the Vrede Foundation”. 

We caught up with the guys, to find out how they find the time in their busy schedule to play this show every year, and what exactly it means to them…

Albert Frost photographed by Andre Badenhorst

Lalelani: This is the third installment of Blood Brothers. What are you going to be changing up?

Francios Van Coke: We changed up the band members, quite drastically this year. There are 2 new singers, a new guitarist, a new bassist, and a new drummer. So, things are gonna change. The songs are gonna change, and personally, I am playing more originals. I am pretty much doing the same, FPK, VCK and songs from my solo catalog. I will be doing a new Foo Fighters cover this time.

Albert Frost: This years line-up looks “too good to be true”. We all have so many songs we want to share, so it’s going to be a really strong set as we had to choose our absolute favorites.

L: How do rehearsals work? With so many different artists, coupled with busy schedules, how difficult is it to get everyone back?

FVC: Some of the okes have been rehearsing or jamming together already. The rest of us that are from Cape Town or NZ are just jamming together a day or 2 before the show, to pull everything together.

AF: Luckily we all are professional musicians, so organizing and prepping rehearsals are part of our day jobs!

L: If you could add one international musician to the Blood Brothers lineup, who would it be, and why?

FVC: Dave Grohl. I think he would fit in perfectly, and I have a ton of covers he could do too.

AF: Prince. Nough said.

L: The show is at a more intimate venue this year. Can we expect some more chaos?

FVC: I think it is gonna work lekker in the more intimate venue, and yeah, it will probably make for a more chaotic show.

AF: Definitely. The smaller venue means it will be more kick-ass and intense, rock and roll at its best.

L: This event is hosted in honour of a great cause, raising money for The Vrede Foundation. What does playing the show mean to you personally?

FVC: It means a lot, and that is the main reason I am doing it. My friend, Herman Pretorius died from cancer in 2009, and that is why the Vrede Foundation was started by his brother, Henre. The foundation helps young people with Cancer that need financial aid. So, if we can help a couple of people by doing this and raise awareness around the subject, it is great.

AF: My father Frank D. Frost died from cancer, and without the help of charities, we would not have been able to get through the tough times. For me, it’s an honor to be able to help and to boot via rock and roll!

L: If you could add one artist in South Africa, not from the rock or alternate scene to the Blood Brothers lineup, who would it be and why?

FVC: Cassper Nyovest. Cause then we can go and fill up FNB Stadium.

AF: Black Coffee. I love mixing genres, Blues House-now imagine that!

L: What is the one song that has stood out for you guys in the past 2 years of performing on the Blood Brothers stage?

FVC: I loved doing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” from Nirvana, that song was just so massive. Everyone knows it. It doesn’t matter what language you speak or background you come from. Also doing “Killing In The Name” with 10 people was fun!

AF: Honestly there isn’t one specific song. Each year something else stands out, but my favorites are the Blood Brothers songs we release every year.

Francois Van Coke photographed by Andre Badenhorst 

Don’t miss 10 of South Africa’s rock icons, thrashing it out for a great cause on the 30th September, at The Good Luck Bar in Johannesburg. Tickets are R250 at the door and the heavy weights get on stage at 8 pm. Get your tickets today at Plankton

For more information on the event and the foundation please follow these links: 
Vrede Foundation


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