Interview: Moonchild Sanelly

I remember it was like yesterday – Johannesburg, 1 Fox Street, September 2016 – this vibrant energy came on stage, my attention shifted and I was glued to the stage for the next 45 minutes. It was electrifying! It could have been the best performance I saw live in 2016. I met her yet again at an event in 2017 and yet again, she stole the show! So it was no surprise that when the lineup for Grietfest dropped, I took the opportunity to interview Moonchild Sanelly in an instant. One thing I know for sure, come next week Saturday at Grietfest, don’t miss this amazing lady on stage. 

Lalelani: What do you think about the state of music in South Africa right now?
Moonchild: It’s growing,bbig time. The difference between now and any other time is access. People can access what they want, and have the power to put what they love and support in the forefront. New genres have always been there. It’s great that people are slowly becoming open minded…slowly, but we will get there.

L: Do you hope to become a cultural export of South Africa? i.e: Do you desire to be recognised internationally.
M: Babe…have you researched me? Becaus SA has been introduced to me and my Xhonglish, BY THE international market. I am INTERNATIONAL babe. Yes Im going to love packing up shows in SA, the UK, the US, The Janan everything. I’m that girl.

L: What African artists would you hope to collaborate with in future?
M: Thandiswa Mazwai, Cassper, AKA, Beatenburg, & Die Aantwoord for life baba!

L: What does it mean to you being able to play at Grietfest?
M: I’m so excited dude, because last year I remember I had such FOMO, and really, really wanted to be in it. Look at dreamscoming true, I love spaces that are open to music. Just good music…For the love of music

L: We are seeing more and more genres being integrated at South African music festivals. Do you think this will encourage more collaboration in the near future or even the spark new groups/genres?
M: Yes!!!I Don’t know about groups, but we always hope that more genres that will be played on television, for more to see our greatness and catalogue of originally authentic, yet different South African music.

L: What are your plans before the summer season kicks off?
M: I’m dropping my new EP called, “#1stmillion”. Its a project I call, “vocal floss” because in this one, I have jumped on music that speaks and introduces the commercial consumer to MOONCHILD SANELLY.

L: What is the one thing that keeps your determined and inspired to be an artist on a daily basis?
M: Im so spoilt. I have to be rich!!! Also, I hate washing dishes! I make a horrible basic girl, lol. I love teaching and art. I am art. I feel if I didn’t do it, I wouldn’t be here to tell u what I’ve chosen next!I love for this thing.

As I said above, Grietfest – you don’t want to miss Moonchild Sanelly on the Village Stage at 9pm! Let us know what you think of Moonchild Sanelly as an artist. 

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