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Is it a bird? Is a plane? Nooooo! It’s NEW HERO! That’s right folks, we caught up with the music industry’s NEW super-powered HERO’s, to discuss their origin story and their plans to eradicate the tyranny of the industry’s vile villains. In-case you don’t know, or have been living under a rock in the middle of Timbuktu, NEW HERO is the dynamic duo that comprises of Keaton Carelse, aka “Grimehouse“, and Scottie Moore, the lead singer of “REBURN“. “NEW HERO is non genre specific, armed only with the common goal of creating music that takes you on a journey to make you feel good”. Ok, enough of the riff-raff, check out the interview.


Lalelani: Let’s get started with the basics. Although it’s quite self-explanatory, what is the concept/ideology behind the name, “NEW HERO”?

NEW HERO: We once saw a cat stuck in a tree, and then a fireman came and got up on a ladder and got the cat out. We said to him, “YOU’RE OUR NEW HERO”. We’ve always joked about that moment, so we decided to make a band around it.

L: Tell us the origin story of how NEW HERO was born. Was there a specific moment or situation, that sparked two individual artists from different sides of the music genre spectrum (Keaton & Scottie respectively), to join forces and embark on this new journey?

NH: We have been friends for over 10 years now, and we have always spoken about music (because we have nothing else in common), Scottie moved off to Reburn and Keaton to Bass music. Even then, we supported each other’s gigs, and constantly tried combining both brands. Last year we decided to do it full time and see where it takes us.

Official Video for their latest track – “Crazy”

L: Considering NEW HERO is still in it’s infancy, what have you accomplished so far, and what can we expect from you in the near future?

NH: Every goal we have set, we have accomplished. The most proud accomplishment is all the support we receive from everybody, it’s overwhelming! The future holds a lot, we have an intense touring schedule coming up until year end, then an album release, and then we are going to tour internationally.

L: Take us through your general process of making a song. Do you start with a concept, or a beat and work from there? Or do you just get together, jam, and let the creativity flow?

NH: Keaton is a piano guy, so he sits and makes loads of piano melodies. When he finds ones he thinks is good enough, he sends to Scottie, who decides if he likes it or not, he then will put a vocal on the piano. We make the entire song with just a piano melody and acapella (if it doesn’t sound good as an acoustic, it’ll never sound good as a full song). Once we have a rough idea, Keaton builds the beat around that, and Scottie continues writing the lyrics. Once we are both confident, we go to studio and do final recording.

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Gallery – NEW HERO.

L: Name a few artists, local or international, that you would like to collaborate with?

NH: Sicknal, Sabrina Alves, & Hans Zimmer.

L: Being the NEW HERO on the block, and a cross-genre duo. What are some of the crux’s you’ve experienced in the local industry, and how do you plan to change it?

NH: *Googles Crux’s”………The hard part of this industry is trying to make original music that still gets picked up by mainstream radio. I don’t think that’ll ever change.

L: What’s the one event you’d want to perform at the most?

NH: Every single event we play we are grateful for, whether it’s 10 or 10 000 people, that’ is the event we want to be at most!

NEW HERO Soundcloud page.

L: (Keaton) Being an advocate of animals rights, what organizations are you involved with? And where can people go if they want to help out, and fight the good fight?

NH: (Keaton) I don’t think the organizations matter, because all of them are doing amazing things for our furry friends, so I would suggest, the best help is donating to an animal shelter close to you, volunteering to visit the puppies, and SHARE SHARE SHARE posts on social media, about missing dogs / stolen dogs / abused animals etc.

L: (Scottie) Who was your biggest local music influence?

NH: (Scottie) Liam Gallagher.

L: (Scottie) Which Keaton did you know first? Psycho Keaton, Grimehouse, or just normal everyday Keaton?

NH: (Scottie) Psycho Keaton, and he’s the only one I know. He’s just a good actor to everyone else.

Up, up, and AWAY!

L: Having experienced the trials and tribulations of the industry, what advice would you give to aspiring artists?

NH: Be original no matter how hard it seems!! Originality breeds Longevity.

L: Preach! Thank you guys so much, for taking the time to give us and our readers some insight on one of the hottest duo’s in the industry. We’re looking forward to what you have in store for us in the near future.


There you go, folks. As always, we’re bringing you the best of the best, and allowing you to get to know your hero’s a little better. Make sure you like, follow and stay tuned to what NEW HERO are up to, because it just keeps getting better.


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