Interview: PHFat

They say it’s not over, till the fat lady sings. Well it not Fat, unless it’s PHFat. We chatted to Mike to get an update on everything PHFat.


Lalelani: First off, Mike. How you doing man?

PHFat: Fantastic and You? I’m just busy prepping for a crazy season. And then an even crazier 2018.
L: Great, thanks. Do you have any projects in the pipelines that we can look forward to?
PH: Several releases coming throughout next year! I’m working my ass off on it right now. I’m really fucking amped to put out something a bit more substantial than a single.
L: What festival/event is your penultimate gig, where you’ll feel like you’ve finally achieved your goal as an artist?
PH: I didn’t know it was possible for an artist to feel as though they had reached their goal to be honest. In that regard being an artist is something of a cross to bare. A single gig certainly won’t get you there. hahaha.I dunno. Quite honestly, I feel pretty damn lucky that I’ve managed to survive off of music for as long as I have. Not only survive actually. I get to kinda, pick and choose what I want to work on. Somehow I’ve kept giving it enough meaning to keep myself deeply, deeply interested in the process of creation and through finding new portions of the process to focus on. For as long as I can do that I will keep on making music.
L: Tell us about your most embarrassing moment on stage?
PH: I fell off stage at Oppikoppi in front of as many people as I’ve ever seen in one place. Wasn’t really embarrassing though, to be honest. Most embarrassing was probably opening for the Used. I didn’t know anything about the used before we opened for them, and it turns out they were big in 2003/4 or something. I don’t even know what sort of music they make because it’s really not my flavour. Anyways, we were opening the night in about 2011/2 and it was 6:30pm and there were about 2000 rockers who’d been waiting 8 years to see their favourite nu-metal band, and here is PHFAT pumping out weird electronic rap. After every single track there was complete silence and one person would scream “Fuck Off”. It felt kinda like being in a room with 2000 recent ex-girlfriends.
L: What local artist would you like to colab with?
PH: Kid-X/Riky/Nasty-C/ and then I heard this amazing singer at this Accapella contest in Stellenbosch. I still might try get hold of her. Best voice I’ve heard in ages. Part of me also wonders what would happen if me and Francois Van Coke hung out. Oh and Ganjabeats!
L: What’s your favourite local track at the moment?
PH: Patty Monroe’s reminiscing. (I would also dig to try do a track with her!)
L: Give us a meme, that you believe fully describes you.
PH: Meme’s are stupid. 
That sounds like the best meme yet. Thank for taking the time to chat to Lalelani.Co.ZA and our readers. We’re looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Catch him along side other local heavyweights and international Maribou State for Maribou State Here in CPT on the 8th of December & in JHB 9th of December.

Apoc out.


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