Interview: Trancemicsoul

Trancemicsoul, is a legend! His mixes got me through some hard times in 2016, and seeing him live in Johannesburg and Cape Town, made me realise how big of a career he has ahead of him. With his love for house music and techno, he has infused the two, and the result is insane. It will undoubtedly get anyone on the dancefloor moving. Basically, he induces an uncontrollable urge just to move to the beat. His mixes are a true musical journey, that will uplift your soul, and ultimately your overall mood. The mix that I have listened to repeatedly, and that caught my attention, was filmed by Militia Broadcast, for Red Bull Studios in Cape Town, and trust me when I say – you WANT to watch this.

Have a listen to this mix while reading the article. 

When I was asked to do a short interview with him, I couldn’t pass up such a sick opportunity, and I hope this is the first of many… 

Lalelani: How did Pretoria’s deep house sound inspire you, and why did you decide to go for a more techno-influenced sound, compared to your normal Pretoria house producer/DJ. 
Trancemicsoul: Pretoria has played a huge role in shaping my taste in music. Growing up listening to the not so commercialised records, made me realise the power of music. I realised that it is not always about how huge the song is, but how you pass the message through the music (connection). I chose a more techno-influenced sound because I can feel the freedom around the genre. 

L: What is your favourite South African city to play in and why? 
T: I have a couple of favourite cities in South Africa. I like Joburg for the diversity and cross-pollination in culture. I like Pretoria for always having the underground taste in music, even though you will have to search for those clubs/bars nowadays. I like Cape Town for the atmosphere around the city, high-end culture and lifestyle. The energies are very different in all 3 cities, and I enjoy all of them.

L: What is your favourite International city to play in, and why? 
T: I don’t really have one yet, as I have enjoyed most of my trips. But I really like Barcelona, Spain.

L: Do you have any collaborations planned, that you can talk to us about now?
T: No collabs yet, but I have some records to release soon. Things sometimes take time, especially in the music business, so both parties need to reach a mutual agreement.

L: Who are you most excited to see perform at Grietfest?
T: I’m honestly excited to experience the festival, and I have no doubt that every artist on the line has a special set to share.

Jol’burg, get ready! Trancemicsoul is going to destroy the Grietfest Club Stage at 5 pm on Saturday, and if I was you, I would take a change of underwear – things might get messy.

Trancemicsoul – looking steezy

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Enjoy Greitfest guys, too stoked to see what goes down on Saturday! 

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