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Zakifo 2017 Festival: Durban, count yourselves lucky!

At first, you don’t believe it. A ‘Marley’ is coming to perform for the masses in South Africa. Then you hear Thandiswa Mazwai, Ray Phiri, Petit Noir, Bombino, Gangs of Ballet, Nova Twins, Kommanda Obbs, Lu Dlamini and Jojo Abot will all be gracing the same stage. Many of these names we just didn’t know. So you do a little research, dig into the biographies and then realise that the organisers of Zakifo have done something really special. A global collection of the some of the finest afro-soul, blues, jazz, reggae and maskandi traditional music.

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Q&A – TesseracT

Two days remain before TesseracT take the stage for the first time in South Africa! Yes, the time is finally now, the place is actually now, and our faces our finally about to be melted.

If you don’t know about this, or you don’t know who the band are, please don’t worry your pretty, little head about it; you’ve clearly been living in isolation for far too long.

We got shot these answers this morning (shortly after TesseracT landed in our fair country). James Monteith was kind enough to forsake some in-flight entertainment, and indulge us with a Q&A picking session of his brain.

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Interview: Fokofpolisiekar

“Passion. Liberation. Independence. Fokofpolisiekar.”

Looking back, it is difficult to imagine a South African music scene without the watchful presence of Fokofpolisiekar. The FOKOF -machine grew faster, and cast a larger shadow than anyone could have ever anticipated. Kicking, screaming, and beating down false ideologies, the rambunctious Bellville quintet apologised for nothing, questioned everything, and changed the history of South African music (for better or for worse).

11 years have passed since the band dropped Swanesang, leaving their fans family wondering if there would ever be more music on the horizon. Skip forward one EP, 2 singles, and a shit-load of maturity-inducing years, and FPK is back in studio to record their long-awaited third, full-length album.

Sidestepping the normal funding model, the band has placed the creation of the upcoming album in the hands of those that matter: the FOKOF fans family. Relying on a (highly successful) crowd-funding campaign the band raised the needed R500K in just 9 days, with the money still rolling in (at the time of writing, the amount sits at a jaw-dropping R700K!).

With more activity going on in the FOKOF camp than we have seen in years, we caught up with Hunter Kennedy and picked his brain about all things Fokofpolisiekar.

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New EP: Chron Burgundy x Huck Finn – New Rap City

Wassup my Mzanzi peeps,

I know it’s been a minute, but I came out of the shadows to give ya’ll some of that crack that ya’ll been fiending for. We have been chronicling Chron Burgundy and Huck Finn’s recent journey building up to the release of their debut EP “New Rap City”, and guess what folks…. It’s finally arrived!!!!

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Lighthouse Festival 2017 _ South Africa


The biggest thing of the year is coming to Cape Town! To put it simply, “Light House Festival Croatia”, is a leading global iconic electronic music extravaganza. You spend days watching music icon perform after music icon, perform after music icon, and just one year after local house hero Black Coffee featured in Croatia, we finally see Lighthouse Festival travel to South African shores! To add to this excitement; this is the first time that LHF is being hosted outside of Croatia. 

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Interview: Newtown Knife Gang

I am possibly one of the biggest fans of Newtown Knife Gang, I may even be a borderline groupie (I call it man love). When ‘Listen’ dropped in 2011 I was excited AF to see the guys back on stage and this time with a new frontman, Spencer Martin. Their self-titled debut album was a success and we saw the band playing shows all over South Africa and in 2016 things were no different. They released their latest single ‘Crossroads’, which was playlisted on national radio and this allowed the band to extend their reach on a more mainstream level.

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