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Review: Francois Van Coke – Hierdie Is Die Lewe

A lot has changed since Francois Van Coke dropped his debut solo album in 2015. We’ve seen him dominate local newspaper headlines (for positive reasons nowadays), pack out venues, become a household name, and recently a father. It is pretty safe to say that Francois is a man that welcomes change, and Hierdie Is Die Lewe (HIDL) is no different.

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2K17 – Prince Of Zamunda

Out with the old and in with the new. 2017 is still in its infancy stages but if the quality of music continues, then we are set for another stellar year in South Africa’s Hip Hop industry.

The boys from Raw X Studios are at it again with ADVO finally releasing Prince Of Zamunda, as their official single leading up to their upcoming EP, Zamunda Republic. The song features Tommy FLO, Confi & Ben Best, bringing their A-game with witty lyrics on a haunting beat designed by longtime collaborator, Bi4ocal. 

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Interview: Our Last Night

It’s 2017, and we’re all trying to shake off the festive season, and get back into the monotonous day-to-day routines of life. As soul destroying as that might be, there are bigger issues in the world, and there’s one that is currently plaguing Mzanzi as we speak, Rhino poaching/extinction. Don’t fret, if we ALL do our little bit, we can change the tides and make sure future generations can have the privilege of witnessing a Rhino in its natural habitat. Our Last Night, an international band from Hollis, New Hampshire, U.S.A, have decided to take it upon themselves to play their part in fighting the good fight, and are playing at this years Rocking For Rhinos 2017 for MAHALA (therefore the Rand-Dollar exchange rate won’t be an issue). We caught up with Alex Woodrow aka Woody, and discussed their upcoming S.A tour while getting to know them a little better.

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Interview: 13th Empire

It has been years in the making but with hard work and many hours invested, by each member, the world finally gets introduced to 13th Empire! What I can only describe as progressive metal, with melodic riffs and a sweet undertone, these dudes have come to make an impact in the music world. Still not sure what the hype is all about, check out the video below for “CASCADE”.

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One Source hits the #1 spot

Is he back? Oh yes, he is! Khuli Chana resurfaced back to our attention spans with a brand new song release and music video called “One Source”. In fact, this is nothing short of a visual masterpiece. The music video is comparable to accomplished cinematic work?and tells a unique story of Khuli’s new found confidence and mind state as he refocuses his lens beyond Mzansi to Africa.?

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In Retrospect: Scrambles 4 Money – “Talk is Cheap 4”

On Saturday, Scrambles 4 Money – “Talk is Cheap 4” happened, and as depressed as I was for not being able to make it, we enlisted the help of another soldier of the streets to check it out and let us know how it all went down. Not only is he a general pushing the local underground/independent scene, as well as a prolific local emcee, but has battled in the Scrambles circuit and is highly respected in the scene. With no longer adieu, I introduce to you Anti-Bullshit aka Da HIP HOPrenuer. So homie, tell us how it all went down.

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